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Bakersfield is a wonderful city and your employees deserve to know our best restaurants, community events and local flare. Let Integrate 3P help your company retain employees through community involvement, recruit the right people, and be your go to for events and partnerships.

Community Integration

Without a sense of community, your employees might have a hard time making Bakersfield their home. You want to help your employees get connected, but you don’t know how. Integrate 3P has the perfect solution for you. We will help your team members get connected with the Bakersfield community by linking them with local organizations, events, and opportunities.

Recruitment service

Whether you’re looking to hire a new employee or bring on a contractor, you need to know that they’re qualified and will be a good fit for your team. It can be difficult to find the right person with the right skill set who also has the personality that will work well with your company culture. Integrate 3P is here to help! We work with companies to get you the best talent Bakersfield has to offer.

Community Liaison service

Moving to a new city can be daunting. Even with a great job, your employees will feel more at home if they are able to know their new city. We have community liaisons to help your employees navigate their off hours and make our home, their home too.

Event planning and coordination

Planning a company event is tough. With the daily tasks at work, adding the details of planning a company event can be more than the hours you have in a day. You want the event to be a success and enjoyable for all your employees. Integrate 3P will take care of the details for you; we’ll plan and coordinate your company event from start to finish.

How It All Works

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New Professionals

New to Bakersfield and looking to connect with our community? We introduce and connect you with other locals!

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