Tomorrow’s Innovative Leaders Today (T.I.L.T.)

In the realm of professional growth, few opportunities are as impactful as finding a mentor who has trekked the path and will to walk with you through the journey of learning leadership and life skills.


Innovative Leaders Today

At Terrio Innovate Leadership Training, or “T.I.L.T”, we offer you an unparalleled chance to be guided and mentored by experienced leaders who have traversed the very path you seek to tread. By joining our program, you will unlock a treasure trove of wisdom, insights, and practical knowledge that provides real-world examples far beyond what textbooks and classrooms could ever teach you. 


Community Catalyst

Tim Terrio, local entrepreneur and business leader, stands as the visionary force behind TERRIO Physical Therapy-Fitness, Inc. and a slew of local non-profits making a massive impact in the community. As the founder of TERRIO Therapy, Tim has taken his company through several remarkable transformations, evolving from a solitary establishment with a single employee into a sprawling network of fourteen locations, boasting a workforce of over 240 skilled individuals. His non-profit work like “The League of Dreams” now hosts over 300 athletes, changing the lives of each athlete forever.

Mentorship Unleashed

Now, Tim is bringing his business savvy and passion for community to T.I.L.T. ensuring he passes down the valuable lessons he has learned through his journey, and helping students just like you avoid many of the pitfalls he faced as a young entrepreneur.

This includes an extensive spectrum of crucial business and life skills, facilitated by none other than Bakersfield’s most distinguished leaders and accomplished business experts. Together with you and other local professionals, we will delve into diverse areas such as team dynamics, the fundamental principles of effective leadership, and personal growth. Moreover, you will learn about other vital life skills including real estate acquisition, investment strategies, insurance analysis, and technology insights.


Network & Thrive

Many of the professionals you will hear from and work alongside are still active in the marketplace, which means there is a limit to their schedule, and therefore limited seats within his mentorship program. All ambitious young men and women are encouraged to apply; however, we will only be accepting a maximum of twenty-five students to the program per season. If you would like a shot at rapidly advancing both your network and your knowledge in the world of business, apply with us at the link below.

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