Connecting People. Building Community.

We Help Your Team Find and Build Meaningful Relationships in Bakersfield.

Are you recruiting team members from outside Bakersfield? It can be a challenging endeavor for your new staff to make meaningful connections in a new area. At Integrate 3P, we help your team ignite their passion, purpose, and find an abundance of possibilities.


Integrate 3P

Founded in 2020, Integrate 3P launched with a mission to bring talented individuals and families to Bakersfield. Our goal is to help newcomers connect with our local community. With over two decades of recruiting talent from all over the nation, we’ve recognized a unique challenge to Bakersfield: people often find more appealing opportunities outside Bakersfield within a year or two and move. We understand the value of having talented individuals living in Bakersfield and we want them to stick around! That is why we help outside talent connect with other locals and build relationships within the community. Unfortunately, people often leave before finding the hidden gems and value of Bakersfield.



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We’re Building Community

Community Integration

We help your team members get connected to the Bakersfield community.

Recruitment Services

When it’s time to add to the team, Integrate 3P knows how to reach the right talent for the job.

Community Liaison Service

Get a more personalized local experience with one of our community liaisons.

Event Planning & Coordination

Let us plan and coordinate your company-sponsored events!

Join our mission to help build Bakersfield through the community.

Businesses from all over Bakersfield are joining the mission of recruiting talented individuals and helping them build roots with other locals.

How It All Works

Join the leading edge of business leadership.


Join the leading edge of recruiting and retention. Give us a call to schedule a consultation today.

New Professionals

New to Bakersfield and looking to connect with our community? We introduce and connect you with other locals!

What our Clients are Saying about Integrate 3P

They love helping us build community together.

New Opportunities

I was able to meet new people and experience new places I never thought I’d have to opportunity to see.

I3P Event Attendee

Awesome for Everyone

It’s awesome for everyone to come collectively and enjoy Bakersfield.

I3P Event Attendee

No Way I’d Pass This Up

You have to come to the next I3P event. There is no way I’d pass this opportunity.

I3P Event Attendee